Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable – An Interview with Toi Hutchinson

Toi Hutchinson grew up understanding that cannabis wasn’t something you openly talked about in the home. The former Illinois state senator recalls that her father consumed it but would never call the plant by its name.

“He’d just say, ‘Go get the box,’” she says.

In May’s issue of Sweet Jane Magazine, you’ll find my interview with Toi Hutchinson, former Illinois State Senator and the new CEO of the Marijuana Policy Project. We had a meaningful discussion about cannabis and the tough conversations surrounding it. Take a read!

Read the interview here:

Published by Ashley Russ

Ashley Russ is an educator, writer, artist, and equestrian living in central California. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from U.C. Riverside. Her poetry has been featured in U.C.R.'s literary journal Spectrum and her CNF has appeared in Endurance News, a national magazine dedicated to the sport of long distance horse riding/racing. She is currently working on her M.A. in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Her novel is forthcoming.

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